Cannot sign contract

This is sometimes caused by a plugin or your host inserting javascript into our plugin's footer. If you look at the contract, below the buttons you will see something that shows a strange scripting code.

Something that may look like this:
‘); setInterval(function () { mywindow.document.close(); mywindow.focus(); mywindow.print(); mywindow.close(); }, 10); return true; }

If this prevents you from signing the contract, try to disable all plugins and see if it works. If it does, re-enable the plugins individually until it stops working. Then you will know which one is injecting scripting into our plugin.

If you disable all of your plugins and it still shows this code, your host may have added something to make your website faster. We have seen one case where GoDaddy does this. The solution was here:

Go to{your-account-number}
Three dots next to "cpanel admin"
"Help Us"
Opt out.