Icon spins after signing but never completes

If you are having an issue with the spinner spinning and never actually signing the contract, it may be that our IP address API is being blocked by either a plugin on your server or by an addon on your browser. We have discovered that Ublock and ABP addons for Chrome block access to the API.

To resolve this until we can create a workaround, you will need to allow your site to go through on the addon.

ABP: Right-click ABP and select "Pause on this site"

Ublock: Press the On/Off button for the site you are on.


In those fixes do not work, we have found that some hosting companies like NameCheap add a server-side false-positive security block. If you get them to whitelist your site/our plugin permalink and it may help clear up the issue.

While you are there, you may also need to ask them if they employ their own server caching. If they go, get them to whitelist your contract permalink.